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Among the top-quality services Aegean Baltic Bank S.A. provides to its Customers, it also offers the possibility of submitting a COMPLAINT through the following procedure:

STEP A: In case an issue arises during the provision of services by the Bank, you can contact the employees in the Branches or the respective Relationship Manager and you can directly settle your issue.

Our aim is the people of the Branch to offer you their experience and knowledge and finally help you solve all your issues arising from your cooperation with the Bank.

STEP B: In case the actions of the Bank or the way you have been serviced by the Bank does not satisfy you, you may submit a complaint in writing. It is within Bank’s priorities to manage your complaints in a transparent, unbiased and objective way.

A complaint can be submitted to the Bank only in writing, in one of the following ways:

i) Complete the electronic contact form you can find on the site of the Bank, or send an e-mail to the following address:

ii) Send a letter to the address:

«Aegean Baltic Bank

91, Meg. Alexandrou  & 25th  Martiou

15124 Maroussi, Athens, Greece

cc: Department  of Organization and Methods

Complaint Management»

Tel: +30 216 500 1030

iii) Fill in the complaint form which is available at the counters of the Bank’s network. 

In all the above cases, you should also include in the relevant complaint form  your identification details, which will enable the verification of your identity , as follows:

  • First Name and Surname (or Company Name)
  • Father’s Name
  • ID card No.
  • Tax ID No.
  • Contact details (e.g. full address, electronic address, fax number, etc.) in order to receive the written answer of the Bank.

After you have submitted your complaint, you will receive a relevant acceptance receipt. Then, the Complaint Management unit of the Bank, which belongs to the  Organization and Methods department, shall investigate the case with the help of the Departments involved and shall send you a written answer, in accordance with the time limits specified in the applicable regulatory framework, while in case more time is required, you shall in time be notified in writing of the reason of delay and the length of the period within which you shall receive the written answer of the Bank.

However, in case the answer of the Complaint Management unit does not satisfy you, you can ask the extra-judicial settlement of your case and contact the Consumer Ombudsman at 144 Alexandras Avenue, 114 71, Athens, Greece, Tel. No.: +30 210 6460 862, website:

See the Complaint Form here.

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