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Code Of Conduct Under Law 4224/2013

Code Of Conduct Under Law 4224/2013

The Code of Conduct, under law 4224/2013 was drawn up in August 2014 and refers to the management of loans in arrears and non-performing loans for individuals’ and Very small enterprises. The law was revised in May 2021 by the Credit and Insurance Committee of the Bank of Greece with Decision 392/1/31.5.2021.

The aim is to strengthen the climate of confidence, the mutual commitment and the necessary exchange of information between the banks and the borrowers, so that each party can weigh the benefits or consequences of alternative arrangement (forbearance measures) or final settlement solutions for loans in arrears and non-performing loans, with the ultimate goal of selecting the most appropriate solution for each case.

Aegean Baltic Bank adopts the general principles and the best practices laid down in the Code, in relation to debts for loans in arrears whose borrowers are individuals or Very small enterprises with annual turnover in the past three (3) fiscal years of-less than an average amount of one million euros € 1.000.000.

Within the context of the Code of Conduct’s provisions, Aegean Baltic Bank aims to serve borrowers facing financial difficulties by defining the main communication policy between the Bank and the borrowers, offering them timely solutions for their overdue debts, according to their financial capacity (or condition).

For your easy reference, we here below list the Arrears Resolution Procedure (ARP) drawn by the Bank, the Information Brochure, which defines the main policy of communication and cooperation between the Bank and the borrowers, definitions in order to understand the relevant terms and the Special Contact Points determined by the Bank.

In addition, the Relevant Supporting Documents as defined by the law are attached.


Arrears Resolution Procedure (ARP)

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Information Brochure

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Cooperative Borrower

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Reasonable Living Expenses

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Special Contact Points

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Standard forms and supporting documentation

Standardized Financial Statement for Individuals

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Financial Statement for Legal Entities

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Borrower’s Appeals Form

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